Monday, 21 June 2010

කිරි වෙනුවට කාර් බීපල්ලා ( vehicles for the bed tea )

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බෙන්ස් S පන්තිය ... මෙම නවතම හැඩකාර වාහනය පෙර රු මිලියන 50.5 පමන මුදලක් වුවත් දැන් එය රු මිලියන 20ක් අඩුවෙන් රු මිලියන 30.5 පමන මුදලකට ලබගත හැක.මෙයට පෙම්බැදි ඔබට මෙය අයිති කරගැනීමට ලැබී ඇත්තේ මහගු අවස්තාවකි

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කිරිපිටි මිල ඉහලට. අද සිට නිශ්පාදනය කිරිපිටි පැකට්ටුවක මිල රු 19 කින් ඉහලට ( 400 g)

19 මොකද්ද මිලියන 20ක් අඩු කරල තියෙද්දි නේද උබල කිරි වෙනුවට කාර් බීපල්ලා වෑන් කාපල්ලා
බඩ ගැන නොහිතා රට ගැන් හිතපු උබලා දැන් බඩ ගැන් නොහිතා අපි ( ආන්ඩුව ) ගැන් හිතපල්ලා

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තිසර ප්‍රියංකර said...

මචන් අපේ රටේ හරක්ට ඕව කියල වැඩක් නෑ.මොනව කරත් උඩදාගෙන දෙන්නෙ ආණ්ඩුව බේරගන්නම නේ ඊටත් සුළු පට් ගැනකින් එහෙම නෙවෙයි ලොකු ගානකින් දිනවන්නෙ තුනෙන් දෙකත් දුන්නනම් තමයි බලන්න තිබුනෙ

deenwin said...

2/3 දෙන්ඩ දෙයක් නෑ ඔය කීදෙනෙක්ට හරි සල්ලි දීල අරගෙන ඔක හදගන්නවා ඔව් ඉතින් මොලයක් කියලා නාමයක් තියනවනම් මුන්ට චන්දෙ දෙයියැ

Sach said...

Perhaps you should look beyond petty politics and what this vehicle deal is all about.

First, do note that I'm not saying increasing the price of powdered milk is good.

However, reducing the tax of vehicles is a good thing. If you get this 'only the rich drive vehicles' mentality out, you can see it's befeficial in the long run. Usually the vehicles that run in Sri Lanka are 6, 7 or even 10 years old. They are not in good condition, pollution is higher, fuel consumption is bad, and since they are old they need repairing. All this add up to additional costs, and fuel wastage, pollution in Sri Lanka. The amount by one such vehicle may be small, but add up everything and it is a considerable sum. On the other hand under the new law you are only allowed to import vehicles that are not older than 3.5 years. Which is nothing but good.

And now you might throw in the argument of you could lower milk powder and other necessary items' price by using the tax earned from vehicles. Not so. One reason they brought forward this law is because, the vehicle imports have been reduced by almost 90% over the last few years. So in the end, now with tax reliefs I'm sure more people will bring in more vehicles increasing the overall revenue for the GoSL.

Again, it is not to say that increasing price of necessities is good, but to say this vehicle deal is a wise decision.

DReeZone said...

@Sach.. Well when you see the reduction of vehicle prices what is clear is that all the luxury vehicles (montero, Prado, Benz, BMW) have been reduced by significant amounts while other vehicles have not been reduced to an affordable amount for general public. (Ex: Montero reduced by 6M)

When considering this all the politicians, high class people will import vehicles and i do not see a significant income to the government.

Further this will result in sending more foreign exchange outside Sri lanka without a considerable benefit to the general public.

Also they gave the tax concession just few days after they gave permits to politicians. Isn't it anything fishy?

My argument is that the SL government have more important problems in the country (like reducing essential food items for ex: carrot 1Kg is Rs.300+ ) at the moment.

deenwin said...

@ sach
in shorten form im not saying vehicle deal is wrong I'm just saying govt has to solve necessary problem before that .
as my knowledge the lowest price car in Sri Lanka is maruti 800 earlier it was around 1.2 million now its reduce to 9.75 laks but the thing is more than 50% people in this country cant spend even that much amount for the vehicle thats only dream to them. even govt gave 4 laks car still majority of this country people cant spend even that so reducing car price is just good for few peoples like rice ones , bloody politeness, vehicle sellers, owners of sheds,spare part sellers , vehicle reg office ..etc
most of the people who gave vote for this govt is matter about there day today life day today meals govt have to solve that problems before they reduce vehicle prices

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deenwin said...

minihek nam namath ekka comment danda puluwanne kohetawath nathi ekek wage baye anonymous comment danne

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